Chronological Bible Reading: Job 25-42, Ex 1-4

Does God hear us? In the midst of suffering, this is the question that comes to mind. Surely if God heard us crying out to Him, He would intervene. Surely if God heard us crying out to Him, He would His presence known—and yet years can go by and we may not have an experience of God’s presence in our lives.

Certainly Job, in the depths of His sorrow, was crying out for God to hear Him and to respond. As with Job, so with the Israelites in Egypt. 400 years have passed since Joseph rose through the ranks of Egypt to be second only to Pharaoh, but now after a successive line of new Pharaoh’s, Joseph is no longer known. Israel is in captivity, oppressed for their labour and because Egypt is afraid of how large the people has come.

Israel is in the depths of despair when we read that God heard the Israelites cries, and He remembered them. Had God forgotten His chosen people? Is this the reason that Israel hadn’t heard from God in so long? Is this why God had seemingly abandoned them?

Things are not always as they seem. God is not a man who might forgot nor one who can be any less than always active—even when we fail to recognize how.

Abraham was given a promise by God for a people, a nation, to come from Him, who would be blessed and through whom the entire world would be blessed. Israel for 400 years was growing, what began as one couple was multiplying quickly—so quickly that Egypt was terrified they would lose their work force because they were getting so big—the people were becoming a nation.

God’s hand of providence was active the whole time. In the midst of our struggle, in the midst of our sorrows, in the midst of our pain and suffering—God is still at work. He has not forsaken nor abandoned His people.

He never will.