Chronological Bible Reading Reflection: Genesis

The book of Genesis provides for quite the ride—creation and rebellion, worship and fratricide, faithfulness and unfaithfulness, love and loss—it has all the makings for a great story. Yet it is much more than that. A story, no doubt, is found in the midst of it all, but it is not merely a story, as though nothing else could come from it. It is a story of grandest proportions and scope, spanning back into eternity past and centred around the One who created it all: God himself.

While Genesis tells the story of creation, rebellion, and God calling a people to Himself, make no mistake, God is the main character throughout the entire book. His hand of providence shines through in every chapter and verse. Genesis isn’t just the story of how this all began, it’s the beginning of the greatest story ever told: the story of Gods glorious perfections on display for all to see.

The God who is revealed to us in these pages is The Marvellous One, The Holy One, The Great One—in a phrase, The Creator. This one statement, that God is Creator, tells us much more than we often realize. He is The Creator, not the created; all that exists is wholly other than God in Himself. He is supreme, transcendent, majestic, holy, glorious, and worthy of all honour and praise. He created all things good and calls a people to Himself. In His providence and grace, He chose a lineage through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—a lineage that we all welcomed to join into through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Son, by the way, is in Genesis for us to see, if you have eyes to see Him. In the beginning, God existed in perfect tri-unity; humanity was created in their image; Abraham was provided a lamb to be slaughtered in place of Isaac, as Jesus was provided as a man to be slaughtered in our place.

This is a story, this is a God, which ought to provoke in us nought but praise.