Chronological Bible Reading

This year I have begun reading the Bible utilizing the CSB Day-by-Day Chronological Bible with daily, guided readings by George Guthrie. I began to think it could be helpful for me to begin blogging my way through the Bible. As this is my first time working through the Bible with a chronological plan, I am looking forward to interacting with the text in this way. This post will briefly work through a few features of the CSB Day-by-Day Bible, followed by weekly (hopefully) posts reflecting on the pasts week of reading.

I am currently part way through the third week of readings, and will post my first reflection on Saturday.

The Format:

The CSB Day-by-Day Bible is broken up into three acts: Act 1, God’s Plan for all People (Gen 1-11); Act 2, God’s Covenant People (Gen 12-the end of the Old Testament); Act 3, God’s New Covenant People (the New Testament). Guthrie has written an introduction for each act, and each act is broken down by scene with a weekly/daily reading schedule. There are six readings planned for each week, plus a ‘sabbath’ day with a short summary and prayer.

The Reasoning

I’ve always thought it would be interesting to read the Bible chronologically but have never gotten a chance to. As I’ve been in post-secondary education and most of that has included some sort of daily Bible reading/devotional component, this hasn’t made a chronological plan an option. This year, however, for my current studies, one of the options for Bible reading was to do so chronologically (though the choice of the CSB Day-by-Day Bible was all mine, to get to spend time in this newer translation).

The school assignment asks for three specific areas of weekly reflection based on the text and what the Scriptures reveal about: God (and what it means to love Him); The Community of Faith (and the pleasures and perils of obedience to God); and the World (and what it looks like to live faithfully amidst a changing cultural tide). I can’t guarantee each week will touch on every facet of reflection, one facet may provoke more reflection on any given week, but I plan to reflect on each aspect multiple times throughout the next year.